The focus of this program is to help you gain a new perspective, become more aware of your goals, find direction, purpose, accountability, motivation, and gain the ability to conquer your mind through Flow. Lets break this down so you know what each approach brings for you.


Through out the coaching process, an exploratory approach is utilized to help uncover personal barriers and how you are going about trying to break through them. By offering a new perspective towards your views will allow you to make new discoveries as to why and what is making you feel stuck. Looking into what made you stuck will open up your ability to reassess your frustrations. This guidance allows you to learn how to use new tools and exercises to help you through old perspectives and generate new ones.


After working on your mindfulness and perspective, this awareness will help you re-analyze how you set goals. Creating a new way to conquer your future. Because we get so tied up in success and wants, we tend to set unrealistic goals. Leading back to frustration, burn out and stress. Working with me will help you set these goals in a successful manner instead of an overwhelming burden.


Many who seek out this coaching struggle to define a clear path on where they want to go with themselves, their sport, or work. Working with me will help you take action where you feel stuck. Whether its fear, anxiety, uncertainty, lost, or other sensations, I will help you find your path to success.


By asking questions that challenge you, I will help you redevelop your vision for yourself. Ensuring that you have the tools to make it a reality. Bringing out your potential and purpose you seek.


I am here to help you move in the right direction. Not to stand on the side lines and applaud at things you were supposed to do. I want to make sure you are pushed, challenged, and making choices that will help you extend beyond where you are now. My goal is to hold you accountable for doing what is necessary in order to be successful. This makes you confront the excuses you keep telling yourself. Allowing you to realize that you have the power to make changes you seek.


As you continuously work with me, we will ensure you are taking the correct actions steps towards reaching your goals. I will ensure that you stay motivated by having a clear purpose, direction and steady progress. I am directly invested in your success so you are able to be motivated and mentally fueled to take on life and your challenges.


After you have found yourself conquering these steps, we will start working towards finding and mastering “Flow”. This final stage allows you to control when and how you enter your zone. Maximizing your performance in all aspects of life.

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Goals on goals on goals

Imagine you are at work or school. You have a bottle (plastic) of water. Throughout the day you consume the water and around 2:00 p.m. the bottle is empty. It’s time to dispose of the bottle. You walk down the hallway of the building you are in. The hallway is long. As far as you can see there are no recycling bins. You walk to the nearest trashcan and throw away the bottle. It’s likely you have favorable attitudes towards recycling (e.g., it’s good for the environment to recycle). It’s even more likely you do not have anti-recycling attitudes. Despite your attitude(s) towards recycling, you threw the bottle away. As a social scientist I find this an interesting phenomenon. Attitudes are not great predictors of behavior.
What is left unconsidered of the link between attitudes and behaviors in the above scenario creates barriers to behavior. In the above scenario there are barriers to disposing of the bottle in the “proper” (or, at least pro-attitudinal) way. As noted, when looking down the hallway you did not see a recycling bin. Perhaps there are no recycling bins in your building but there are recycling bins outside the building. Are you willing to walk outside the building to dispose of the bottle? Would you be less willing to if it was snowing outside? At any moment you have a series of competing goals. Some goals are simply more important than other goals. Perhaps the goal to stay out of the snow is more important now than properly disposing of the bottle.
I challenge each of you to begin to examine the decisions you make each day and the reasons you believe you made those decisions. Why didn’t you recycle the bottle? Why didn’t you go to the gym today? Understanding the hierarchy of your goals and how they are influencing your own decisions is an invaluable tool to the individual. When you become more aware of how your own mind works you can use your understanding to your own benefit. Perhaps you aren’t going to the gym because you have other more entertaining behaviors to engage in. What are the goals in this situation? Why is working out a less important goal than playing video games? Now that you have identified why video games are winning out over working out, can you reason with yourself that working out is more important? Can you tell yourself that being healthy is more important than copious entertainment?
When you start to understand how you are making decisions you can help yourself make better decisions. You can better engage in self-persuasion when you understand the hierarchy of your goals and begin to argue with yourself as to the positioning of the goals in the hierarchy. You get to decide what is and is not important. Examine the behaviors you are engaging in and be introspective. Ask yourself, why? Critically examine everything you do and determine if your rationale for engaging in those behaviors over others is sufficient given your long-term life-goals.
Guest Writer:
Nathan J. Lindsey
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